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About Our App

Ever forget a great idea? Scriptonite can help. Connect characters, goals, conflicts and places in no time. Share with friends as needed.


Easy to use

Start anywhere and unlock your story scene by scene.

A Dynamic Story Structure

Scriptonite turns "What happens next?" guesswork into flow.

Fix a story, make it good.

Understand why good stories are contagious.


how can Scriptonite help me?

Non-linear visual story design

What You Get Is What You See.

Start Anywhere

Develop your story in practice, without heavy theory.

Structure can be fun!

Develop events with our dynamic Story Kit. Cut, re-use and recycle time-consuming mistakes.

Your story, your way.

Focus on imaginative development. Your crowd can't wait to see it.

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What happens now?

Scriptonite is free in the Apple Store. Android will follow. Register to get feedback questions.

Try Scriptonite

  • Make or fix a A STORY
  • Develop SCENES