Make a long story short.

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About Our App

Ideas come easy but long stories take forever. Try Scriptonite tools and make a story as short as it needs to be. Sticky plots, done before dinner.


Easy to use

Start anywhere you prefer, then unlock and develop your vision step by step.

A Dynamic Story Structure

A long plot is full of gaps and traps. Scriptonite helps you break down events, characters and conflicts. Watch your guesswork turn into flow.

Make it short, take it with you.

Short films are easy, efficient and contagious. Ask YouTubers. Audiences love saving time, too.


How does Scriptonite help me?

Visual story environment

Easily create your story world, with characters, places, goals and scenes.

Start Anywhere

Choose the Inspiring Moment and grow your story from there. Viewers start from the beginning, but you don't have to.

Add value to your Story Development

Develop beats and scenes, keep what works and fix the rest. Track choices so you can reduce, re-use or recycle actions. Your making-of process is personal and valuable.

Make a long story short.

You may tell stories for nickels and dimes, for kicks or as a pro. Either way, a core and a skeleton structure will help you control your writing pace. In the end, let your friends in or keep it privte and head for longer and stranger things.

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What happens now?

The Alpha test version i here. Register to try it and please give us your feedback. As a tester you have free support in-app plus feedback in the Forum. You will also get Scriptonite for free when it releases official later this year.

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