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About Our App

Scriptonite is an IOS-only app for rapid story development.


Easy to Use

Startup a story anywhere. Then grow your ideas visually, using choices, action and timing tools.

Visual Story Space

In the Middle of a story it's easy to get lost. Scriptonite helps turn your development guesswork into flow. Only good scenes will take you home.

Make it, Take it.

Whether you need to unlock an idea, or recycle a forgotten scene, with Scriptonite you can fix your stories in no time. Because the world won't wait forever.


How Does It Work?

Visual Storytelling

Make a story structure first and write good content, without worrying about page numbers or formulas. Scriptonite helps you see both the big picture and the details.

Start Anywhere

Develop your storyline forward or backward from any scene, beat or place.

Develop 3D Characters

Good characters reveal what it means to be human, by overcoming problem relationships.

Make stories at your own chosen speed

You can make your story fast, if you need to, or write at your own pace. Scriptonite will keep an eye on your dead ends. When you're ready, simply output your story in a number of formats.

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Startup your first story, watch online videos series and sharpen your story development skills. Beta testers qualify to receive the full Scriptonite release for free.

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